Welcome to our community of spiritual growth and learning based on the Pathwork lectures. Explore programs, try an upcoming workshop or find a Helper who can work with you on an individual basis.

Learn About Pathwork

Pathwork is a body of spiritual wisdom that fosters growth on every level–spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. It is based on 258 lectures that can be downloaded for free.

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Work With a Helper

To apply Pathwork ideas to your individual situation, you can work with a certified Pathwork Helper, who has undergone training and deep personal transformation to help guide others on their own spiritual journeys.

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Explore Our programs

Attend a free monthly discussion group or full-day workshop on a particular lecture. Gain an in-depth understanding of your life and make lasting positive changes through our five-year transformation program.

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Attend new Workshops

Join us for our annual gathering of celebration, community and commitment - CCC Day!  Choose from our many workshops and lecture study programs - check them out!  Join us for our monthly free gatherings to discuss a Pathwork lecture. This year's theme is Answering the Call of Life - download the flyer for the location nearest you!

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