Board Members

The Mission of the Philadelphia Pathwork Region The Philadelphia Pathwork Region is part of a worldwide spiritual community whose purpose is to embody the principles and practices contained in the Pathwork Guide lectures. We offer a spiritual discipline for comprehensive self-transformation through classes, process work, individual sessions and training. The Pathwork becomes a living force within that supports the unfolding soul. It is a spiritual way of being that encompasses self-exploration, self-love and evokes the light hidden within the dark aspects of consciousness.

Rich Carlson, MSW 

is a Pathwork Helper who was introduced to Pathwork 14 years ago in Iowa City, Iowa.  Richard has been a massage therapist and Rolf Method of Structural Integration Practitioner for 18 years. He is also a recent graduate of the Rutgers School of Social Work. He leads the CCC Day committee and is currently the Spiritual Leader of the Philadelphia Pathwork Region.

Mark Matteson

is a graduate of the Transformation Program who feels passionately about bringing out the best in the Philadelphia Pathwork Region. He currently serves as the Board Treasurer.

Renee Whatley

is a Pathwork Helper and licensed psychologist working with adults and adolescents in individual, group and family contexts. She is a trained family therapist and previously served as the Region's Spiritual Leader.