Work with a Helper

A Pathwork Helper is deeply immersed in the Pathwork material and has personally experienced its transformative power. Each Helper has undergone intensive training both to teach the material and to hold individual and group sessions to guide others on this spiritual path of self-discovery. 

To explore the possibility of individual sessions, we invite you to reach out to one of our Helpers directly. You can also attend a free monthly lecture discussion in your area or one of our upcoming workshops. Discover our Events

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Sharon Lee Balsama, M. Ed., NCC

is a Pathwork Helper and has been a psychotherapist since 1980, specializing in spiritual psychology, family systems, therapeutic arts and relationship therapy. She is certified by the Institute of Imago Relational Therapy. Her practice is in Lansdale, PA near Bluebell. 

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Joyce Belmonte

is a Pathwork Helper bringing an integrative, body-centered approach to her private practice. She believes passionately in gently awakening the consciousness in our bodies to more fully support our personal and spiritual journeys. Joyce holds certifications in various bodywork modalities and has trained in Early Childhood Development and Hellinger Family Constellation Therapies. Her practice is in West Chester, PA. 

(610) 793.4321 |


Richard Carlson, MSW, LCSW 

is a Pathwork Helper who was introduced to the Pathwork in Iowa City, Iowa in the mid-1990s. Richard has been a massage therapist and Rolf Method of Structural Integration Practitioner for many years.  He works as a psychotherapist, having graduated from the Rutgers School of Social Work, His practice is in Kingston and Princeton, NJ. 

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Carol Day 

is a Pathwork Helper and a hands-on practitioner of energy healing, bodywork, Kabalistic Healing, and Cranial Sacral Therapy. She is a graduate and former faculty member of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Carol is also a student of “Somatic Experiencing” originated by Peter Levine, which helps people deal with trauma in a gentle, non-intrusive way. She finds this a perfect complement to Pathwork and helping others work though childhood history and pain. Her practice is in Trenton, NJ.  You can read her blog here.

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Mary Elliott

Mary Elliott, LMT 

is a Pathwork Helper and licensed massage therapist in New Jersey. She brings a combination of heart, humor and reverence to her workers in helping them fulfill their desires. Mary is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in communication, and a graduate of Health Choices Center for the Healing Arts. Her practice is in Somerset, NJ. 

(908) 625.2238 |


JoAnn Gibson, Ph.D.

is a Pathwork Helper who has moved back to the Philadelphia area after 10 years in State College, Pennsylvania. She was led to the Pathwork during her doctoral work in psychology, which focused on the role of consciousness, faith and love.  Having worked as a psychotherapist and traveled nationally as a consultant and teacher, she now spends her time studying, living and teaching the Pathwork.  Learn more about her and her recent book, Therapy Tails, at  Her practice is located in West Chester, PA

 (610) 701.5833 |


Gayle Lacks, M.D. 

is a Pathwork Helper and a psychiatrist. She has extensive training in psychotherapy and has widely studied Buddhist and Sufi meditation, Jewish Renewal and Kabbalah as well as alternative medicine. Her practice is in Jenkintown, PA. 

(215) 576.7933 |

Kay McCarthy, Ph.D. 

is a Pathwork Helper and was a scientist and corporate manager for 25 years. She has also studied transformational healing with several shamans, who teach the ancient ways of living in balance with nature and supportive energetic healing practices. Her practice is in Greenville, PA. 

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Donna Burns Neilson 

is a Pathwork Helper who was formerly president of a Healthcare Service and Software Company. She now brings her nuturing qualities of kindness, acceptance and humor to Pathwork.  Helping others achieve meaningful relationships using Pathwork principles is her deepest passion. Her practice is in Garnet Valley , PA and she also provides phone, Skype and iPAD Facetime sessions. Donna serves on the Philadelphia Pathwork Board as Treasurer.

(610) 761.3583 |


Pnina Polishook, MA 

is a Pathwork Helper, bringing an integrated approach to her practice which includes Pathwork, Energy Healing and Essential Oils. She is trained in hands-on and long-distance energy work, utilizing Brennan Healing Science, Non Dual Kabbalistic Healing/A Society of Souls, and Energy Healing/ School for Enlightenment and Healing. She is a graduate and former teacher of the Senior and Graduate Classes at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Her practice is in Merion Station, PA. 

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Amy Delafield Rhett

is a Pathwork Helper who has been studying Pathwork since 1996, including the 50/50 work with Judith Garten. She is particularly experienced in working with early childhood trauma. Her many years of meditation also give her a facility for helping others explore their dreams and inner landscape. An executive in marketing communications, she serves on the Philadelphia Pathwork Board as Communications Liaison and Special Programs Coordinator to develop new programs. Her practice is in Princeton, NJ. 

(609) 577.6336 |


Carolyn Tilove, MA 

is a Pathwork Helper and founder of the Philadelphia Pathwork. She joined Pathwork in 1975 and was privileged to be present when Eva was channeling the lectures. She has taught Pathwork and Pathwork Helpership Training in Brazil, New York, Michigan, Philadelphia, and Virginia. Her practice is in Pittsburgh, PA

(215) 752.9894 |


Renee Joanna Whatley 

is a Pathwork Helper and licensed psychologist working with adults and adolescents in individual, group and family contexts. She is a trained family therapist. Her practice is in Philadelphia, PA. 

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Consulting Helper

Lorraine Marino 

is a 50/50 Pathwork Helper. She teaches in various Pathwork regions and works with regional leader groups. Lorraine also works in secular organizations, translating Pathwork concepts for organizational and leadership development interventions. She has also brought Pathwork concepts to an anti-racism workshop series developed with a colleague; this workshop series has been running across the U.S. since 1996. (She is not currently taking on new workers.) Her practice is in Chalfont, PA 18914. 

(215) 997.4176 | work (215) 997.4344 |


Honorary Helper


Catherine Nelson, Ph.D. 

is a Pathwork Helper who works with both people and animals. Trained in Philadelphia, she lives in Bozeman, Montana where she has created the “Rocky Mountain Pathwork.”