let it flow - new community weekend workshop

Led by:  Pathwork Helpers Renee Whately and Amy Delafield Rhett
Dates: All day Saturday, Nov. 2nd and Sunday, Nov. 3rd
Location: Cranaleith Retreat Center, Newtown, PA
Cost: $350 including breakfast and lunch each day; nonresidential with option to stay overnight at local hotel with discounted rate

This weekend workshop is open to everyone who wants to come together in community to study a Pathwork topic in-depth. Our first workshop will support you in looking at areas where you feel constricted and want to increase your ability to experience pleasure, express your creativity and create more abundance! Join us for a transformational weekend diving into Pathwork Guide Lecture #155: Fear of Self, Giving and Receiving.



meditation and surrender - year-long graduate program

Led by:  Pathwork Helper Carol Day
Dates: One Saturday per month, Oct - June, starting Saturday, Oct. 26th
Location: Trenton, NJ
Cost:  $155 per class

This year-long course is centered around the Pathwork lectures on meditation and surrender. It will also draw on the science of meditation taught by Dr. Joe DisPenza. Daily meditation is key to transformation and this course will provide rich learning and grounding in the why and how of establishing a regular meditation practice.

unmasking the real self - year-long graduate program

Led by:  Pathwork Helper Amy Delafield Rhett
Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month, Oct. - June
Location: Princeton, NJ
Cost:  $50 per class or $360 if paid in full for the year ($40 per session)

Spend a year working with a series of beautiful and powerful Pathwork lectures, all designed to help uncover the layers of pretense and falseness that hide and obstruct our connection with our Real Self โ€“ the divine within us.  This intrepid group will explore what is real and grounded in the source of our being and what is unreal and false but so often assumed as real. This program will support awareness and transformation on deep levels of being.