Transformation Program

Each participant in the Transformation Program (TP) helps create a safe, intimate environment in which each member is supported by other members, the teacher(s) and the lectures to explore their deepest feelings, fears and flaws, and to identify their gifts.

The program focuses on building healthy egos to deal with the world while simultaneously powerfully strengthening the connections to the divine consciousness within. As a community of helpers and workers, we collectively have had many different therapeutic, healing, spiritual and growth-oriented experiences. We believe there is nothing like the Pathwork to go to the root of worldly and spiritual problems and use them as doorways into a new understanding of reality and ourselves. You will come away with a new experience of the sweetness of life, your own power and your own connection to the greater reality.

How it works

Each year of the five-year program consists of 10 months of group meetings, one required weekend residential intensive and a minimum of 16 individual helper sessions. The group meeting (usually one full weekend day a month) consists of lecture study, experiential exercises and emotional process work based on the lectures. TP participants progress over the five-year period, working through a step-wise, cumulative curriculum constructed to provide the self-awareness and skill base to move through the various stages of the human spiritual journey.


The expectation is for each member to participate for the full five years of growth and development, though you may commit on a yearly basis. Prior to undertaking such a commitment, applicants need to have a reality-based idea of what this spiritual path entails. For that reason, there are two prerequisites for joining the Transformation Program so that you are comfortable and familiar with the way we work with the lectures, both individually and in a group context:

1. Individual sessions with a Helper of your choice

2. Attendance in at least one Pathwork group event such as a lecture study, Pathwork Studies or one-day workshop

For more information, including costs and financial aid, please contact Carol Day at (609)-392-7855 or

Review the list of Helpers and upcoming TP prerequisite programs.


The five-year Transformation Program is designed to support each person’s growth on every level.

TP1: Developing a Healthy Adult Ego
Begin to develop or strengthen your observing ego. Learn what an image is, uncover your own personal images and how those images affect your life.  Get to know and be able to access your child consciousness as well as higher consciousness.  Benefit from learning to dialogue with these aspects through a mediation process.

TP2: Negativity: Divine Gifts on Our Healing Path
Learn the concepts of negativity, negative intentionality, negative Pleasure and positive intentionality. Be able to apply them to your life and experience them in your body. You will strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and positive egos and begin to sense how to hold your balance when working with your negative aspects.

TP3: Understanding Your Relationship to Others
Begin to understand the dynamics of relationship: how each person’s defenses and negativities, honesty and positive choices contribute to the whole. Open to choosing love and truth. Begin to explore your sexuality in relationship to your spirituality and life.

TP4: Strengthening Your Relationship With God
Experience your creativity. Know the true source of pleasure, wholeness and inspiration and begin to open to positive streamings from the universe. Begin to understand and practice the surrender of the ego to the divine self. Understand what it means to be undefended.

TP Year 5: Creating Your World: The Work of Conscious Manifestation
Begin to understand and work with your divine capacity to create. This work is deeply grounded in the first four years of learning self-responsibility and the law of cause and effect. This year is about putting all the learning into practice to create greater fulfillment while deepening connection to ourselves, others and the Divine. 


One’s contentment and fulfillment in relationship is a much neglected yardstick for one’s own development. Relationship with others is a mirror of one’s own state and thus a direct help to one’s self-purification. Conversely, only by thorough self-honesty and self-facing can relationships be sustained, can feelings expand and contact blossom in long-term relationships. So you can see, my friends, that
relationships represent a tremendously important aspect of human growth.

Pathwork Guide Lecture #180 The Spiritual
Significance of Relationship

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