This changes everything

When faced with a choice, we usually opt for the status quo. The problem is that there really isn’t a status quo; everything in the universe is vibrating and, therefore, in a constant state of flux. 

Movement is the very essence of life. Nature is perpetually changing: blossoming, growing, withering and regenerating. 

As an integral part of nature, human beings follow the same pattern. So why do we strenuously avoid new ways of thinking and acting?  

The ego makes the status quo appear desirable while making flexible movement appear threatening or humiliating. (Pathwork lecture #199) 

More specifically, change is resisted because:

New territory is unfamiliar and unpredictable; why take the risk?

We may have to admit we were wrong; we’re not as perfect as we like to think.

We may be forced to forgo victimhood; responsibility feels burdensome.

We may have to relinquish control; surrendering to what is requires courage.

We may have to forgive ourselves or others; self-loathing and revenge are satisfying.

We may have to face our negativities; faults evoke shame.

We may have to request help; pride is restricting.

Yet for all its challenges, the ability to change is a wonderful gift. It means that we can overcome and transform our negative traits. We are not forever stuck in our lower nature and the unworthy, inferior feelings it engenders. 

By confronting our undesirable qualities and setting an intention to transform distorted beliefs and harmful habits, a great weight is lifted and wonderful possibilities are unleashed.

First your thinking and your attitudes change; then your feelings follow suit; then your actions and reactions begin to respond to new spontaneous impulses. And these in turn, bring forth new life experiences. (Pathwork lecture #174)

The ability to adopt life affirming qualities – generosity, compassion, integrity – is truly liberating. This realization changes everything - life becomes the exhilarating adventure it was meant to be.

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David Schwerin

David Schwerin

David Schwerin holds an MBA in finance and a Ph.D. in religious studies and ran his own investment company for many years before becoming an international author and speaker (Conscious Capitalism: Principles for Prosperity, 1998 and Conscious Globalism: What’s wrong with the world and how to fix it, 2005).